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The oldest barbershop in NYC

In spite of being the oldest barbershop in the Historical Center, New York barbershop does not smell old, rather it smells of nostalgia, tradition and many stories to be told.

On Cuba street there is a small and modest place painted in blue, but it is not just any shade, it is a blue worn out by time, which matches the red and white of its candies that turn at the entrance inviting the passers-by to enter. It is the New York barbershop.

The interior of the New York Barbershop is even more nostalgic: its walls are upholstered with small mosaics in beige -like the kitchens of yore. In the center of the walls are placed some old mirrors, which reflect the more than 80 years of life that this barbershop has.

The furniture of the New York Barbershop is not to be found just anywhere, they are made of leather and in the foot rest you can see the record of origin: Chicago, Illinois (1909), a real antique. It's even scary to sit there and spoil these valuable museum-worthy pieces!

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