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The most expensive barbershop in NYC

Hidden behind large glass doors on the first floor of a building located on Madison Avenue in downtown Manhattan, we would never expect to find New York's most exclusive barbershop: Hommage Atelier.

The luxurious salon for the personal care of the city's richest and best groomed men, has dozens of hotels and department stores around the world, but the exclusive subway barbershop in New York is the only one that is independent.

This paradise for men who like to be well groomed, provides services such as haircuts, shaving and manicure, which has more advanced technology, diamond impregnated products and offers exclusive liquors to its customers.

Currently, an executive shave, starts at $125. Haircuts range from $120 to $650 (depending on the notoriety of your stylist) and back hair removal with waxing starts at $100.

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