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Best Barbershops in New York

The truth is that the title of this mini-section is a bit adventurous. It's impossible to rank just a few hair salons as the best in town. I have no doubt that I will be wrong not to include some of them, you will surely understand.

The specialization in certain haircuts or shaving styles is wide. As well as the decoration, the location of the premises and the exquisite technique of some professionals. The barbers, trained in the best academies and barbershops in the world.

Cutting hair is part of life. And in New York City, there are countless places where you can do it. You can find options for every style and price. In recent years, however, a trend has emerged. This is to modernize the classic old school barbershop experience. They are places where you will be cut in a modern style while you are immersed in a relaxing atmosphere with a classic barbershop decoration of the 40's. You can even drink an exotic espresso while listening to the latest trends in music. The barbershop sector took a 180º turn a few years ago, and this type of premises have emerged all over the city, revolutionizing men's haircuts. From those who focus on reasonable prices to those who emphasize service and aesthetics, here are some of the best barbershops in New York.

Going to an Old School barbershop in New York is an experience you must live, because this city offers both New Yorkers and tourists the authentic traditional barbershop that emerged in the late 40's.

York Barbershop

This place is pure nostalgia, York barbershop is the real barbershop you've seen in the movies. Its retro decoration is incredible, big mirrors, giant wooden tables full of utensils to give an excellent haircut, its metal chairs that turn 360 and that are adjusted with a lever, the pictures hung on the wall and the hundreds of curious objects that decorate it make it an exceptional place, almost a museum.

There they perform classic haircuts in the best old school style, reaffirming the trend that the traditional barbershop has taken over New York City and the whole world. The talented barbers of York barbershop are famous all over the Big Apple and although they usually have a lot of work every day, they are always willing to serve you in the best way. In this barbershop you will always be in excellent hands, you will get the desired result and you will leave with a very New York style, ideal for you to blend in with the Big Apple.

Persons of Interest

The trendy barbershop in New York, frequented by New York celebrities and where everyone wants to go for an afternoon. Wooden panels, glass tables, traditional metal chairs and large mirrors make Personal of Interest a barbershop with a simple style, but with a very cozy atmosphere and where customer service is extraordinary.

New York Shaving Factory

The NYC Shaving Factory is positioned among the best barbershops in New York and is a barbershop that invites all its customers to revive the true ritual of the old school cut and shave. It was founded by John Scala with the mission of reintroducing the traditional barbershop in every corner of the Big Apple and offering all men a sanctuary where they can go to relax as they did in the golden age of shaving.

Shaving Factory specializes in classic scissor cuts and traditional razor shaving. The atmosphere of the place is great, the barbershop is very well decorated, it has several details that transport you to the barbershops of old, in addition the barbers who work there are exceptional, with decades of experience and know perfectly what each client who enters New York Shaving Factory wants.

The Art of Shaving

More than a hairdresser's is a Barber Spa, this is how The Art of Shaving tells everyone that the service they offer is of the highest quality, a luxury barbershop where you will receive a luxury treatment. Among their specialties are the traditional gentleman's scissors cut, the Pompadour cut and the American military classic, in addition their beard cutting service is exceptional, the technique used by the barbers is impeccable and the products they use to give style to the beard are among the best you can find in the market.

It is worth every dollar you pay in The Art of Shaving, finding an experience like the one offered in this barbershop is something unique, and that is that once you cross the doors of this barbershop you immediately realize that you are going to spend a very pleasant time in this place.

Black Rabbit Barbershop

With a very marked retro decoration, it is one of the hairdresser's that vindicates the classic style in New York City. Their service is old fashioned, they are specialized in traditional American cut and shave, their prices are affordable and without a doubt it is one of the most genuine barbershops in the Big Apple.

Black Rabbit Barbershop manages to transmit to perfection that air of the old barbershops where men gathered to chat, to tell stories, to watch soccer or basketball games while they were having their hair cut. This place is a real jewel of New York, they always do a great job and treat you very well, it is a super recommended place for anyone looking for a classic haircut.

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