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How much do NYC's most successful barbers earn?

We are not going to beat around the bush, we want to know how much they charge, how rich they are. We'll leave you with all the details below.

The average salary of a salaried barber in NYC is $30,150.

It's true we need to add tips, and this is a factor that can vary a lot. It often lies in the range of 30 to 70 percent of a barber's earnings. Therefore, to the above-mentioned salary we would have to add a considerable percentage provided by the customers' tips. The quality of the work, the closeness and friendliness of the barber to his or her client are fundamental to increase this additional economic contribution.

On the other hand, barbershop owners usually have a slightly higher average income than the one mentioned above. In general, in the United States, in statistical data from March 2020, the average annual income of a barbershop owner in the United States is $53,654 per year.

This has been our review of an ancient profession, of craftsman, that will never lose its essence and romanticism.

A greeting from here to all the professionals of the barbershop, a not easy profession, that will go up little by little after this brief epoch of pandemic. A manual art and a support for our lives.

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